Ghee is considered the new superfood ingredient of this time according to this Chicago Tribune article. At Gai Ghee, we make this superfood ingredient even more special by using the purest, ethically and sustainably produced ingredient.


Ghees available in the market are made with imported butter. That takes away from its freshness and the flavor. Ghees available in the market are not made with milk, in fact, they are made from store bought butter which itself is a highly processed food and contains trans-fat and cholesterol.


Ghee that is made with butter that is imported from Europe is not from fresh, and storing it for months gives that ghee a taste that is not authentic.

Gai Ghee butter is set out to change that in the market – by bringing ghee made from traditional recipe, that tastes like authentic ghee, is flavorful and has the texture of real ghee. Instead of using store-bought butter, Gai Ghee Butter uses organic milk from Organic Valley to first make butter, and then heat it to make ghee. No unnatural or too many ingredients are used, instead, only one ingredient that is organic is used to make it. This gives Gai Ghee Butter a superior nutrition profile in comparison to other ghees in the market.

Additionally, making ghee from scratch gives Gai Ghee Butter a texture and flavor far superior to other ghees available in the market. It is produced in smaller batches, which helps regulate quality control and it tastes better.

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