Doing Whole30?

According to Whole30 doctrine, milk proteins are the problem with dairy products. But because milk solids have been removed, ghee doesn't have those problematic milk proteins the program is designed to avoid. It is just butterfat.

Low Glycemic

The addition of ghee to your meals reduces the glycaemic index of food. Ghee regulates blood sugar and that reduces the risk of developing metabolic syndrome. This ensures that there is a slow, steady rise in blood sugar and better energy levels through the day.

Avoid Blood Sugar Spikes & Crashes


Getting Back to Your Roots


Living a paleo lifestyle means foregoing just about every modern packaged food — not Gai Ghee Butter. With no added sugar and just one ingredient, its perfect paleo healthy fat for someone dedicated to living more naturally.

Keto diet is about letting go of carbs and adding healthy fats to diet gai Ghee is the best choice for the Keto lifestyle 


Nourished by fat

Bullet Proof Diet

Effectively fuel your brain and body

Diet is all about replacing sugary foods with healthy fats like ghee that gives you more energy.

The creamy, frothy Bullet proof coffee contains healthy fats like ghee, that are supposed to keep you fuller longer, help you avoid crashes and sugar cravings, provide an energy boost, and improve mental clarity.

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GMOs are everywhere, but we take pride in using only Non-GMO ingredient.


Because we keep it real

Increase Immunity

Ghee aids in digestion by supporting a healthy digestive tract through the short-chain fatty acid, Butyrate. It assists in reducing inflammation, has been known for detoxifying and has many benefits for digestive health

Ghee is a rich source of butyrate. It is great for improving immunity and keeping the digestive system healthy. A healthy gut and strong immunity are essential to stay fit.

The Baby Diet

Gai Ghee Ghee can be included in your baby’s diet from the age of 6 months. By adding a few drops of warm Gai Ghee Butter to baby food. Its beneficial for your baby’s growth and development.

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Ghee helps in lubricating the muscle and boosts immunity. A unique short chain fatty acid structure in Ghee, which is Lipolytic by nature and helps in breaking down fat.

Get enenrgy

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